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The app allows users to create 2D and 3D drawing designs for various types of products (e.g., cars, trucks, planes, etc.) and technical drawings (e.g., blueprint) and is used in many industries, from construction, architecture, and interior design, to medicine, engineering, aerospace, automobile design and manufacturing, and 3D modeling and animation. AutoCAD has more than 5,000 distributors and is available in more than 50 languages.


According to Autodesk, AutoCAD’s purpose is to «create and manage the technical drawings and production blueprints of a facility from a single platform».

AutoCAD includes various features and functions that allow it to be used as a graphic design program, general 2D drafting program, technical drawing program, and architectural/mechanical drawing program. The program is popular with architects, engineers, and technicians. AutoCAD provides the ability to design complex drawing entities (such as drawings) and then manipulate the drawing entities. AutoCAD also provides a number of tools to aid in the design of other objects within a drawing, such as lines, arcs, circles, rectangular and freehand polygons, and text.

The user can select to scale drawings, place them on the screen, flip them, rotate them, modify existing properties (linetypes, color, lineweights, etc.), hide and unhide objects, add to the drawing as objects, and insert them into existing objects. AutoCAD also provides the ability to set attributes for lines, arcs, and text, including thickness, color, linetype, and style. All these options allow for a detailed level of control in a drawing.

The software is supported by a large library of fonts. It is compatible with graphics-interchange format (GIF) and Windows bitmap (BMP) images.

In the CAD realm, the lines drawn in the drawing define the geometric objects in the drawing. The relationship between these lines is the basis of all the drawing design.

The viewer shows the objects in the active drawing area (which can be the entire screen or part of the screen). The user can select any object in the active drawing area to display that object’s properties, change the object’s properties, or copy the object to another location. The active drawing area is a special area in the drawing area where the user can easily see what is being designed, without the need to jump

AutoCAD 20.0 With Product Key

AutoCAD Cracked Accounts is available for Windows and Macintosh, with a free trial version available. The Standard version of AutoCAD is available for download from Autodesk. The company also offers AutoCAD LT for Mac and iOS; and AutoCAD WS is available for Windows and Mac.

Key features

The following table lists features of AutoCAD.


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AutoCAD 20.0

Autocad 2012

Autocad 2D – released in 1985, was a vector-based drawing program for the MS DOS platform, and was a fully featured desktop product at the time. It was then bundled into the design package Autodesk Inventor.

Autocad 3D – released in 1989, was released in 3 parts. The first part released in 1989 was AutoCAD 3D (based on the original 1989 Autocad 2D code), the second part in 1990 was AutoCAD 3D Mechanical, and the third part in 1991 was AutoCAD 3D Civil, for the UK and European markets. The Autocad 3D product line was then continued with a C++ API, which had support for creating applications with client-server architectures.

Autocad 2.0 – released in 1997, was the first version of Autocad released to the public.

Autocad 2.5 – released in 2001, introduced the ability to manipulate data across the Internet, using the Web Query protocol and this was extended to Autocad web.

Autocad 3.0 – released in 2003, introduced the ability to edit and convert raster graphics in the same program, and was further extended to have full support for DXF export, making it an all-in-one solution.

Autocad 2010 – released in 2010, introduced the full motion path feature, which allowed users to use the mouse to follow any path created. Other features include custom image cropping, custom break lines, custom break planes, custom point types, data exchange, memory alignment and more.

Autocad 2011 – released in 2011, introduces a web-based model that enables a collaborative working environment. It also features the Dynamic Input Manager, which allows users to see and modify drawings made in Autocad.

Autocad 2012 – released in 2012, features a new user interface and the Autocad Cloud, which allows users to access their Autocad drawings from any web browser.

Autocad 2013 – released in 2013, is the latest release in the Autocad product line, features the 3D Camera, which allows users to make 3D models and 3D buildings directly from their webcam.

Autocad 2018 – released in 2018, is the latest release in the Autocad product line, features the ability to share Autocad drawings through the web. It is also the first Autocad version

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Import Print Previews:

Quickly and easily send a drawing for printing directly from within a program. Print directly from your drawing, or from CAD data if no paper is used. (video: 1:32 min.)

Sketch by hand:

In previous releases, users had to add a new drawing component and manually set properties. Now it is easy to create new, editable components and apply them to drawings.

Polyline fills:

Create a line with multiple fills, and then adjust each fill independently.

Angle tools:

Draw a circular arc and change the shape or radius easily.

Arc snapping:

Select the Arc tool, and then draw an arc. This tool can snap to a grid, axis, or a specified point.

DIB Graphics:

A new, easy-to-use tool to create DIB (bitmap) graphics for use in AutoCAD and other applications.

Enhanced Parametric Window:

Add parametric components, axis, and solids in a window.

Enhanced Data Manager:

Data Manager is now able to open and convert.dbf,.dbu,.csv, and.ibf files.

Data Manager Improvements:

Data Manager has new search and filtering capabilities.

Undo improvements:

A new feature, Redo a previous action, allows users to undo or redo previous actions.


Store drawings or data files for reuse.

New selection features:

Select objects in 3D, 2D, or wireframe views. Select by layer, type, named region, or dimensional offset.

Layer-based Coordinate System Editing:

It is now possible to create and edit layers in a 2D or 3D coordinate system. This is useful when drawing in a particular system, or for workflows that require multiple coordinate systems.

Freehand selection improvements:

Draw a freehand line and add new elements to it. Edit the edges of selected objects.

Auto-fit to screen:

Use the vertical and horizontal lines to quickly resize drawings to fit the screen.

Axis bar improvements:

See and set axis values for groups, layers, or sheets.

Improved Windows:

Save and reopen Windows easily. Use application windows

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Storage: 50 GB available space
License: Free to play
Languages: English, Français, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Polski, português, 한국어, 中文(简体), 繁體, ไทย

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