Chak De India Full 2021 Movie Free Mp4 Download In Hindi

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Chak De India Full Movie Free Mp4 Download In Hindi

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World War II
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Norman AFB

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Postgresql/pgadmin4: «invalid storage format» error

I’m using Postgresql 9.5 with pgadmin4 and when executing a query (just testing it by directly executing the query from pgadmin) I get an error:

ERROR: invalid input syntax for integer: » -1.00001″

I’ve searched other posts about this and I found that it’s only related to bigints.
I’m using double precision in this table (which I’ve tested and everything works fine).
But when I remove that column, the same error shows up.
I have tried to change the column type to char (to let it accept special characters) and tried to change the language too.
Someone knows how to fix this?


The error message is quite clear.
Instead of decimal, use numeric:
CREATE TABLE mytable (id numeric);

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