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The video series regarding the praise of a storm and its damage. This time around, it’s a review of Crysis 2, one of the best first person shooters in 2016. This is a video series I created for a few good friends of mine to help celebrate the new year and to hopefully inspire someone to burn some time at a computer and play a great game that has refined game design sequences in which to perform amazing feats and solve complex problems; and, also to take a video call on the go into battle with enemies and to try to take them down; and lastly, to send those poor unsuspecting enemies on a harrowing chase across the screen :).
Finally, I’m going to take my hard-earned money and buy the better game system to try to take advantage of the player’s current, more refined and exciting gaming plans.

Crysis 2 Full Map Navigation YouTube

COD: Black Ops 3 Multiplayer vs Crysis 2

When developer and publisher Crytek succeeded in getting its shooter Crysis 2 to run on the Xbox360, they underestimated their port’s hardware requirements. As a result the game could run choppy and look dirty, and would suffer from texture pop-in (appearing as chunky bars as you moved) and a glitch where the game appeared to rewrite memory and freeze some of its players. Having already spent tens of thousands of hours making Crysis 2, it was now a complete and total waste of time.
So when Crytek decided to release the PC version of the game they had to decide what to do, as the well-made game was all but dead for consoles. Luckily for them, the game was still a huge hit with PC gamers who flocked to it in their thousands in the belief that it would still look and play the way they knew it.
Crysis 2: The Gameplay How to Play Crysis 2.
Watch this video to learn how to play Crysis 2 on the PC

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Across the world, events are taking place that undermine the very foundations of our democracies. Sometimes the consequences are especially devastating for vulnerable groups in society. In the case of the so-called «reform of the Constitution», the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has pronounced its most severe decision to date on the constitutional reform. It has annulled the law that violates the right to equality of the Republic of Portugal before the law, and requires every Portuguese citizen to perform military service in the Portuguese Armed Forces. It also rejects the government’s claim that the provision breached the prohibition of discrimination based on ethnic origin.

At the same time, we are pleased to announce the start of the legal process to sue the Portuguese government for war crimes committed during the colonial war of April 1961 in the then Portuguese colony of Guinea-Bissau. This legal action of four Guinean nationals will serve as an opportunity to challenge the same facts, allowing them to be brought before the court, and for international law to be applied. They are one of thousands of victims of the war and its aftermath.

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BRUSSELS, (JTA) – The European Union has no right to impose its own rules on member states regarding discrimination. That is the message from the European Court of Human Rights in a landmark decision that could have ramifications for other cases of political persecution at the hands of governments in Europe and beyond.

The ECHR ruled May 28 that the EU treaty does not give the bloc the power to sanction discrimination and that the treaty has no right to undermine the “fundamental rights” of member states, the French news agency AFP reported. The case concerned the repeal in 2008 of the Lisbon Treaty’s provision, which had been adopted during the drafting of the treaty, and which required that EU member states ratify the treaty within five years of their entry into the bloc. They had not done so, and the treaty provision lapsed.

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