Our expertise

Our expertise

Our main focus is offering our customers solutions tailored to their needs. The sum of our differential components - experience, productive capacity, flexibility, innovation and quality - make us the best partner when it comes to developing the best product and offering the best service.


Industrial capacity
At our plant we have state-of-the-art facilities, all highly automated and equipped with the latest technologies. This enables us to develop a wide variety of products to meet the demands our customers all over the world.

Our flexibility, versatility and productive capacity ensure that we continue to offer new products, references and services to suit new customer needs.


At Alnut, we innovate throughout the entire production and distribution line in order to offer the best product and service. We capture the latest global trends in food and transform them into solutions and novelties that anticipate both the needs of our customers and the market.

Every year, we invest over a million Euros in R&D and we strengthen our activity in this field with our transversal innovation department and our pilot R&D plant. In addition, we establish continuous alliances with universities and the most prestigious technology centres.

Food safety and

Our plant is equipped with the most innovative technology in terms of food safety and quality, and has its own laboratory.

100% of our product batches are controlled following our strict protocols in order to guarantee maximum quality and safety - from the origin of raw materials to the final product.

Our absolute focus on food safety is accredited by the most demanding international quality certifications regarding food safety and the environment. Our plant has also obtained the SAE certification for dairy product exports to China, among others.


We work in partnership with our suppliers to ensure the best raw material and complete traceability of our products throughout the chain.
Our supplier model is integrated in our Quality Model, of which consists of rigorous homologation systems and audits, allowing us to guarantee the quality and safety of our raw material, as well as to facilitate our continuous improvement. We also adopt efficient health, safety and hygiene protocols throughout the whole value chain, which ensures maximum control and traceability of the product from the fields to the table.


Our company is committed to sustainable development. We work continuously to achieve the highest efficiency and the full optimization of our processes. This has allowed us to improve our environmental indicators and make a more efficient use of our resources. We also seek alliances with a wide range of diverse social, corporate and sector associations to promote projects in favour of the environment, generating a positive impact on our surroundings.