At Alnut we offer our customers the best integrated solutions to suit their needs: everything from product development and packaging design, to specific filling and packaging services or the most efficient logistic options to deliver our products to any point around the globe.

Product development

We work in partnership with our customers when it comes to developing their own products. We offer recipe creation and production to suit the tastes and legislation of each market, always working with raw materials of the highest quality.

We reinforce this activity with a transversal innovation team and an R&D pilot plant, where we carry out product tests. This way, we guarantee maximum efficiency in new recipe implementation or as references before applying them at industrial level.

Packaging design

We personalize the designs for each customer and adapt to their various needs regarding containers, presentation, labelling and packaging. This way we can always guarantee the maximum protection, quality and safety for our products.

Our containers have wide printing areas where we can apply our customers’ complete brand design. Our secondary packaging is customizable and has different presentation options on offer: packs in different capacities, boxes and displays, among others.

Filling and packaging

At our plant, designed to offer the highest versatility and efficiency in our productive processes, we can produce an ad hoc container for a wide range of recipes in different formats and capacities.This allows us to meet any needs that may arise.


With over 4.200 m² of warehouse area for finished products equipped with our SAP technology system, we guarantee the control and maintenance of our products in optimum conditions until they are shipped to our customers.

In order to be highly efficient, we also have an external warehouse managed by a specialized logistic agent. This allows us to centralize our goods and reach operating excellence.


In order to optimize the distribution of our products to our customers, we prepare our orders on our own factory floor and have consolidated warehouses at different strategic points around Europe.

Our state-of-the-art order preparation systems are equipped with SAP technology, a totally automatic operative system that manages warehouses, barcodes and labels. The digitization of our processes allows us to be highly efficient and meet the demands of our customers at all times.


Innovation in our distribution logistics system and agreements with specialized land, sea and air transportation operators allow us to guarantee efficient and safe shipments to our customers all around the world.