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Understanding the different adjustment layers

All the layers in a Photoshop file are labeled in the L

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Designer platform for Mac. Adobe Photoshop Elements is available for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Linux. The macOS version is also available on the Mac App Store.

It is commonly used by photographers to edit images, graphic designers to create new high-quality images and web designers.

This post contains an extensive guide on using Photoshop Elements to edit photos, create a new high-quality image and design a website.

Get Adobe Photoshop Elements for Free

Adobe Photoshop Elements is available on the Mac App Store for all macOS versions since macOS High Sierra and on the App Store for all iOS versions since iOS 11. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 for Mac is free.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 is available on the Mac App Store and on the Mac App Store for some macOS versions since macOS Catalina.

That being said, we’ll cover Photoshop Elements 2019 in this tutorial. If you want to learn how to use Photoshop Elements 2018, you can refer to my post with the same name.

Part 1: Making a New High-Quality Image

An image editor is a tool that allows you to change, modify and make your images look more professional. You can use Photoshop Elements 2019 for all the following tasks.

1. Edit a Photo

The most common feature to edit a photo is to add text, crop, straighten the edges and enhance an image. You can quickly fix common image defects like dust, scratches, fingerprint and red-eye.

Best of all, Photoshop Elements allows you to add basic vector text to images. Text can even be added at any location and scaled to fit any space. Text can also be added on an image border as a border text.

Let’s take a look at the basic steps to edit a photo in Photoshop Elements 2019.

Open the image you want to edit in Photoshop Elements 2019 and double click on it.

A window appears where you can access important tool settings. Scroll up to the top right corner and click the Advanced tab.

Under Mode, select Edit.

Under Crop, select Crop to Select, then click on the right bottom corner of the image in the crop window.

You should now see the crop box at the right bottom corner of the image.

Scroll down to the bottom right corner of the crop box and click Crop.

The camera window should appear where you can adjust all settings.

2. Add

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System Requirements For Photoshop CC 2018:

OS: Windows 7/8
Processor: Intel Core i5-4570, AMD FX-6350
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 / AMD R9-290
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 15GB available space
Additional Notes:
– Please enable EGL in the software, the DirectX 11 option is only available in Direct 3D mode
– Compatible with 60fps
– Compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1
– Compatible

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