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any help would be appreciated.


In your php code you are storing the.mp4 file in the public folder and directing the user to that file but you aren’t setting any MIME type.
Change this
$video_file = «public/».$_REQUEST[‘name’];
$target = $video_file. «mp4»;

To this
$video_file = «public/».$_REQUEST[‘name’];
$target = $video_file. «.mp4»;

1. Field of the Invention
This invention relates to a power supply device, particularly, to a power supply device provided with a function of detecting a short-circuit accident to stop the supply of power to a power source that is being supplied with power, namely, a power supply circuit.
2. Description of the Related Art
Conventionally, in a power supply device mounted in apparatuses such as portable apparatuses, a power supply circuit that supplies power to a load circuit via the power supply circuit is provided. In this type of power supply device, when the power supply circuit that is supplying power to the power source malfunctions, the supply of power to the power source is halted.
In addition, in order to protect the power source against a short-circuit accident, a fusing device for a power supply circuit is mounted in each power source circuit in many cases.
In the fusing device for the power source circuit, a fusing element such as a fuse (hereinafter, referred to as a “fuse”) for interrupting the supply of power to the power source and a thermal element are used. When the supply of power to the power source is interrupted by the fuse, electrical discharge occurs between the opposite ends of the fuse; and thermal expansion force is exerted on the fusing element (fuse) or the thermal element, and the fuse is pulled out of the power source, whereby an insulation between the power source and the fuse is released.
In addition, a short-circuit accident that occurs in the power supply circuit can be detected by short-circuit detection means. If the short-circuit detection means detects a short-circuit accident, power is interrupted by interrupting power supply to the fuse.
In the case where a fuse is used as the fusing device for the power source circuit, in order to increase the detection accuracy of a short-circ

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Let v

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