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Years ago, a man fell off a bridge while jumping on a motorcycle. Later, he woke up in a mysterious space ship. But then, he felt something strange in the middle of the bridge, and the bridge started to break. He was flying through space, while being stuck on a bridge…
The game Riverhill Trials is a first person, 3D PLATFORMER ADVENTURE.

Walk in the footsteps of us!
If you want to play a similar game, check out our mobile game called The Light Path.

The Background:
The Light Path is a first person, 3D platformer. You will travel through space as the main character, trying to find Light. The darkness is increasing over the whole galaxy and your job is to light it up, as light solves every problem.

The Controllers:
Player 1: Move
Player 2: Shoot

Game Information:

Category: Adventure
Publisher: ParseStorm
Release: 11 January 2014
System requirements:

Both of the players will need a Playstation 2 emulator for the Playstation 2 controller to work.
User Interface

PlayStation controller and PS2 emulator

PlayStation XBOX360 Controller with joystick enabled


Click here for more info about graphics!


Press and hold the Left Analog Stick to move
Press and hold the Right Analog Stick to shoot

Game Description:

The player will encounter many obstacles on his way to save Light from the darkness and start his hero journey, which will require a lot of hard work. Most of them come after the player has collected all 21 Colours.

In addition to the 21 Colours the player can collect the Softened Light. By doing so he can make the darkness less severe.

Furthermore he will be able to upgrade his spaceship by using the collected Colours.

Game Description:

Walk in the footsteps of us!
If you want to play a similar game, check out our mobile game called The Light Path.

The Background:
The Light Path is a first person, 3D platformer. You will travel through space as the main character, trying to find Light. The darkness is increasing over the whole galaxy and your job is to light it up, as light solves every problem.

The Controllers:
Player 1: Move
Player 2: Shoot

Game Information:

Category: Adventure


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    Spellthief Erinn

    Forged by your legend as a warrior of great skill in the fields of combat, Death has come to claim your soul.
    Mighty weapons in the hands of a great warrior are nothing in the face of his patience; nothing in the face of his determination to walk the path to Mount Arreat, the final resting place for all humanity.
    Only those worthy of this honor will pass the gauntlet and join the nobility of the titans. The many lies of the mortal world will be torn to tatters, and you will rise among the elite as a chieftain and become a powerful leader of the titans.
    Did the gods call you?
    Did you hear the sacred notes of the stonecasters, the divine call of the alchemists? Did you hear the thunderous reports of the Gunners?
    Or did you hear only the cries of the dying and the blood of the fallen?
    Who are you to refuse the gods?
    Game Features
    • A combination of class-based skill trees and character progression, combined with a unique approach to achieving goals.
    • An open-ended game with no tutorials. The world will teach you new skills as you accomplish goals, and resources are scattered throughout the map for building new permanent skills, mini-skills, crafting, and even convenient side quests.
    • Mixed genres, including RPG, Survival, and Action-RPG.
    • Unique non-linear gameplay. The world is procedurally generated, allowing you to play through the game multiple times from different points and explore the map in different ways.
    • Injustice 2-style 1-vs-1 and 1-vs-2 multiplayer.
    • No micro-transactions or DLC, no subscriptions. Just a fair price and a fair amount of game.
    • Authentic feel, character art, and voice overs by industry veterans.I don’t know about you, but my week at the drive-in continues. Not that I had fun on Saturday night, but I’ve read two books this weekend. I’ve also been doing some remodeling, because our house is a dump. I like it for the moment. And I’m glad I have to do something around here, because if I don’t, I’ll go nuts.

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    Changes in Disco Elysium 2.1:

    – Corrected some text and graphic errors.

    Disco Elysium 2.1 Official Changelog:

    -Signed out of the Oranje Disco Elysium-Cyberpunk save you created while playing and imported in the game on Steam

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    (NOTE: DLC, Bots, MAPS, and NEW CONTENT have not been tested by the authors and may change when updated. Game content and materials can be returned to the publisher at any time if the publisher does not consent to the change. Game content and materials are purchased solely for the purposes of playing the game on a specific platform, personal use, and not for other purposes)

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    What’s new in Spellthief Erinn:

    : Bunny Conversion Chart

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    Part 1: Know your stops

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    System Requirements For Spellthief Erinn:

    N.B. Official minimum specifications listed here have been used when configuring these boxes, but the minimum requirements are only guidelines and are not guaranteed. Please check the box for your specific requirements.
    Note that this is a list of recommended specs, not compulsory ones.
    Windows 8 or later.
    1 GHz.
    512 MB RAM
    30 MB of HDD space.
    Network adaptor, network card.
    Please refer to the specifications of your system’s motherboard for more accurate information.
    These specifications are based on the configuration



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